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Public Sector Network Newsletter • July 2017
Justine Greening: we should not accept Britain as it has been

Education Secretary opens the Sutton Trust Social Mobility Summit 2017, with a speech setting out the need for change.

Thank you so much for that warm introduction Peter [Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of the Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation.] I am truly delighted to be here to be part of this 20th anniversary celebration.

But also of course, in Sutton Trust fashion, at a summit looking at what we need to do in the next 20 years ahead of us. I really wish you all the best for the day that you have ahead of you, and the energy and the ideas that I know you will put into today.

I am honoured to be able to open up the agenda because last week I gave another speech about something I care deeply about. It was about skills and technical education, talking about all the...

Local councils to receive £15 million in extra funding - Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announces grants totalling £15 million to local councils to help ease the pressures on local services. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid today (19 July 2017) announced grants totalling £15 million to local councils to help ease the pressures on local services such as housing...

The Unfrozen Moment - Delivering A Green Brexit - Secretary of State Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our natural environment Safeguarding our future. It is a great pleasure to be here today in WWF’s magnificent Living Planet Centre, an inspirational example of how...
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Patient safety visits - Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt writes about why patient safety is a priority, and the different approaches taken by different hospitals. Last week I visited 5 NHS trusts to hear about their plans on patient safety. They told me what they were doing and I told them what I was doing - and the conversations were frank and productive. I’ve learnt that you can only have a few central priorities in this job if you really want to change things. The question is what to pick - and meeting patient...

InfastructureGovernment invests over £450 billion in major UK projects - The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has published its 2016 to 17 annual report on major projects, reporting 143 major projects on the Government’s Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP), worth £455.5 billion and spread across 17 government departments. The report is in support of the IPA’s ongoing purpose to improve the way infrastructure and major projects are delivered and the government’s commitment to transparency and delivering public services...
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