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Public Sector Network Newsletter • May 2017
Whatever the shape of the future, Government investing in neighbourhood public services is vital.

Neighbourhood services are universal public services experienced by communities at a local level. They are a core function of local government.

They are made up of services such as maintaining local roads, providing parks, leisure centres and libraries, bin collections, recycling, and services that protect consumers like trading standards and environmental health. Since 2010/11, neighbourhood services have been the hardest hit of all local government services, taking a shrinking share of a shrinking budget.

Over this period, the worst hit neighbourhood services in England have had spending cut by a half. Many have seen cuts of at least a quarter, and the most deprived local authorities in England have seen the biggest falls. In a hard hitting new report, Redefining Neighbourhoods: Beyond austerity? APSE and the New Policy Institute (NPI) have found budgets for neighbourhood services are in a parlous state. The report finds...

Our Economists talking about the exciting opportunities in the Government Economic Service - Assistant Economist jobs in the UK GES, various opportunities available. For a flavour of what you can do as an government economist , check out these great mini career stories here: I’m currently in my first role at the Department for Transport working on rail demand...

Government publishes £1.2 billion plan to increase cycling and walking - Cycling and walking investment strategy released. The government has published its £1.2 billion long-term plan to make cycling and walking the natural choice for shorter journeys. The government wants cycling and walking to become the norm by 2040 and will target funding...
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The NCSC has provided guidance for enterprise administrators and small businesses who want to reduce the likelihood of being held to ransom by WannaCry (or other types of ransomware). Ransomware: ‘WannaCry’ guidance for Enterprise Administrators. NCSC site contains guidance for enterprise administrators who want to reduce the likelihood of being held to ransom by WannaCry (or other types of ransomware). There is more general advice and guidance on protecting enterprise IT on the NCSC’s guidance site.

LAPALocal Authority Political Analysis (LAPA) - LAPA provides live insights and a view and analysis of the political landscape across Local Government. Data is provided from our Local Government Research Team and updates are made continuously. The report is available to browse free of charge for a limited time. A full subscription is available which allows continuous live access and a download of the source data in Excel for offline analysis and interrogation...
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