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Public Sector Network Newsletter • February 2017
“The spirit of 21st century Britain is not to oppose change, but to drive it”, says Chief Secretary, David Gauke

Chief Secretary to the Treasury on how we can make the UK a success throughout the 21st century. The topic I want to focus on is a broad one, and one that governments and societies across the world ignore at their peril. And that’s how we prepare for the future. Now there are clearly a lot of angles to that question. And I am not going to attempt to provide a comprehensive answer.

At the moment, of course, most reports, discussions and column inches are looking at the question in terms of the future partnership between the UK and the EU. And understandably so. For both the UK and the other EU member states, this is an unprecedented question. That’s why a huge amount of research and planning is already underway in governments, businesses and 3rd sector organisations across Europe, as well as the wider world.

But I’d like to use this opportunity today to look even further ahead. To look beyond the negotiations to come. In fact, to look beyond the scope of this Parliament, or the one to follow...

Chancellor's speech at the National Cyber Security Centre opening - "We are investing another £1.9 billion to further bolster our armoury against cyber-attack in this Parliament" says Chancellor Philip Hammond. It is a pleasure to be here today at the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre, having been involved in this project, in various roles, since its inception. In my...

Justine Greening: teachers - the experts driving social mobility - It’s such a pleasure to be here at the inaugural national conference of the Chartered College of Teaching. I think today marks an historic step change for the teaching profession. And I wanted to talk to you - not just about what I think about teaching - but also how I feel about the teaching profession. I belong...
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Making sure procurement practice is best practice - The Mystery Shopper service is evolving to ensure concerns raised by suppliers about public sector procurements are properly resolved. The Crown Commercial Service Mystery Shopper team is now actively following up to check how contracting authorities have implemented the recommendations. This means the investigation doesn’t end when bodies say they will make changes - the Mystery Shopper team is following up to make sure that changes were made that support public procurement...

GBPSix weeks until the pound stops being round - With only 6 weeks until the historic new 12-sided pound enters circulation, the Commercial Secretary to the Treasury visits the Royal Mint. Baroness Neville-Rolfe will pay tribute to the Royal Mint’s role as a global leader in the production of coins and medals - exporting to an average of 60 countries every year. The visit comes ahead of a major export conference in Cardiff due to take place next month, celebrating Wales’ position as a leading exporter for goods and services across the world. The minister will be accompanied on the visit...
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